Flourish any segment of your staffing process

Our Managed Service provider (MSP) service acts as an integral part of your company’s procurement, HR and human capital function. We manage your entire contingent talent life cycle from requisition through invoicing and payment. With a rigorously designed and consistent process, we help you to stay compliant with all labor regulations and governance necessities. On behalf of you, we keep an eye on regulatory adherence, physical and virtual security, high workforce costs, fraud and other problems that can happen without the right controls. We help to:

  • Enhance access to talent by reducing process complexity
  • Get greater visibility of spend and improve regulatory compliance
  • Lower talent costs without any delay


Logically and efficiently administer as part of an organization’s contingent workforce program

Encompasses most flexible work arrangements, including temporary staffing, independent contractors, freelance and gig workers and many more

Make avail flexible talent that is needed to get work done and build a talent pipeline to backing future growth

Focus on cost optimization, supply chain management and speed of fulfilment, with a talent-first approach to transforms the quality of talent delivered

Managing your workforce requirements efficiently

We take the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the workforce program. We facilitate tasks such as requisition handling, supply chain management, transactional recording, analytics and market insights, and more. With our expert teams of talent advisors, we are progressively working on resource planning to optimize deployment. We facilitate:

  • Market expertise and process efficiencies
  • Technology expertise and program scalability
  • Compliant practices and cost-effectiveness

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